Oakley sunglasses – mountaineering essential equipment

On the mountain snow easy to damage the eyes, in the ultraviolet, the height of 10,000 feet of snow reflected light over the sea more than 50, the naked eye retina steamed very easy to damage, causing great pain known as snow blindness, sunglasses can reduce this harm, but Do not be cheated by the cloudy weather, UV rays can penetrate clouds, glare can cause headaches, sunglasses have 95-100 filtering effect.

Sunglasses for glacier travel need 5-10 the transmittance (transmissionrate) and a multi-purpose sunglasses 20 penetration. Purchase the mirror, you can easily see your own eyes is too bright, the color of the lens is gray or green – If you want to see the true colors, cloudy or foggy weather if you want to want to watch carefully the most good election yellow lenses for infrared, unless you face up to the sun will be directly damage, but the general sunglasses can prevent infrared rays penetrate and protect the eyes, sunglasses should have side protection device to reduce sun penetrating eyes, but there must be adequate ventilation to prevent lens fogging, or anti-fog lens cleaner or anti-fog, you need to bring along a spare pair of sunglasses to avoid losing as well as the use of cardboard or clothing cut into thin strips covering the eyes.

Most of the climbers prefer to use contact lenses, glasses on the bridge of the nose slide can improve visual acuity, water spots will not appear, but there are still shortcomings such as too much sun, wind sand, dirt will cause eye irritation, outskirts difficult to clean and maintenance.

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