Wearing fake oakelys summer charm Sun heart

Why to wear fake oakelys ? Eye experts suggest that must always wear sfake oakelys to protect the eyes; This is because our eye (lens) is very easy to absorb ultraviolet light and UV rays have two prominent characteristics:
UV damage will accumulate. Since the ultraviolet light is invisible light, it is difficult to intuitively feel. 2, UV damage to the eyes is irreversible, that can not be repaired. Such as: cataract surgery can only intraocular lens instead. Eyes for a long time by its invasion easily lead to damage to the cornea and retina, lens opacity until the lead to cataracts, resulting in permanent visual damage.
UV damage to the eyes is invisible, not immediately be able to feel it, usually do not wear fake oakelys do not feel particularly uncomfortable, simply stated your eye is not very sensitive to visible light (such as the glaring light, glare, reflected light) , does not prevent UV damage.
The lens UV blocking function is because of a special treatment process (UV powder) in the manufacturing process, so that the lens can absorb 380 nm or less harmful rays such as ultraviolet light penetration, it has no relationship with the on-chip color depth.

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