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Basic knowledge of riding glasses and sunglasses

In addition to the helmet, outdoor riding another essential equipment is riding glasses.Riding glasses and sunglasses, sunglasses use don’t ride. Because cycling glassesthan a windproof function Sunglasses more, do not underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce your chances of getting the conjunctivitis. Continue reading ‘Basic knowledge of riding glasses and sunglasses’

Do you wear sunglasses in the fall

There are at least 3 countries claim that they invented the earliestglasses. 500 years ago the Spanish missionary mentioned in the books they brought back from China glasses, but no real license.Another one is the Eskimos 500 years ago using a wooden goggles, is actually a long pieces of wood, it made two seams, this is clearly notthe sunglasses. Confidence is the modern sunglasses are European invention.  Continue reading ‘Do you wear sunglasses in the fall’